Odd Thomas: A BOOK Review

Perhaps you are asking yourself 'why is book capitalized'? More likely, you do not care. That's fine, you will find out anyway. Odd Thomas, written by Dean Koontz, is also a movie by the same name staring the wonderful-died-too-soon Anton Yelchin. I first watched the film version 4 years ago. I can not remember if…Read more Odd Thomas: A BOOK Review

The Handmaid’s Tale: A Book Review

This is a fantastic book. Atwood's writing style in this book is consistent, but the plot line jumps around often between what is going on, her thought process, and what happened three or more years before. Following Offred, we meet a Handmaid in a post-revolution (kind of?) America where some women have no rights. Wives,…Read more The Handmaid’s Tale: A Book Review

A Second Hand Life: A Book Review

Written by Pamela Crane, this book reminded me of Twilight. Shall I explain? First, this is an interesting premise. A girl has a heart transplant and 22  years later starts to re-live memories that the original owner of the heart experienced before she died. Now on to the nitty-gritty. Second, Mia is a terrible character.…Read more A Second Hand Life: A Book Review

Intricate Deceptions: A Book Review?

Written by Jennifer Rayes, was... well... I could not get into this book. The writing was grammatically sound, but it isn't compelling. Okay, before I get into it, this story is about Gaia who has, possibly, been taken, beaten, and doesn't remember anything. This is why it is POSSIBLE that she was taken. Or was…Read more Intricate Deceptions: A Book Review?