Bone Witch: A Book Review

Why yes, another first in a book series. This is an endless trend in Young Adult fiction. And this book definitely fits that description. I enjoyed this book, written by Rin Chupeco, and would recommend it to anyone considering reading it. This book follows Tea and her brother Fox as she learns what it means…Read more Bone Witch: A Book Review

Wake: An Audio Book Review

Written by Amanda Hocking, this story follows two sisters Gemma and Harper, as Gemma goes through a transformation while boys are disappearing from town. Here is a book I enjoyed, which is ironic because I found Hockings other series, about trolls, to be rather dull. But, I found this interesting in a good light-hearted, easy…Read more Wake: An Audio Book Review

Etched in Bone: A Book Review

This is one of my favorite series, and this book did not disappoint! So, down to business. The 5th, and potentially last, book in Anne Bishop's The Other series follows Monty, the liaisonĀ for the police department and The Other, as his dirty brother comes to town expecting to live off of The Others, Meg continuing…Read more Etched in Bone: A Book Review

Why Monetization May Not Be the Best for Art

Shall we begin with qualifications: I am discussing written art and film/TV. I am discussing mainstream that was not originally planned as it was executed. Alright, this is what I mean: Dragging out a story for more than it is. If you planned the book to be a standalone and you write another three because…Read more Why Monetization May Not Be the Best for Art